Exploring the Heightened Importance of Cybersecurity in Mobile App Development by Jeff Kalwerisky

Aug 25, 2022

Mobile app development needs to focus on cybersecurity, just as much as it does on functionality and flexibility, if not more so. It’s an inevitable aspect of app development that must be taken more seriously, as the very real threats to business (hacking, loss of sensitive data, massive ransomware losses, and more) proliferate. Too many companies are downplaying security during app development and maintenance best practices, due to the need to meet the ever-increasing demand for mobile business apps. This is a risk they cannot afford to take.

Organizations must heighten their awareness of the many well-known and well-understood security threats to mobile apps, during development and Production. Business enterprises, of all sizes and business models - public, private, or NFP - must heighten their awareness of security and the associated threats, during and after app development. These include security misconfigurations, insecure data storage methods, exposure of sensitive data, unpatched servers and development tools, and more. Threat actors have increasingly re-focused their attention from traditional networks to mobile apps, with more sophisticated attacks, often aimed at “phishing” the naive user or taking advantage of security weaknesses in the app or the development tools. A relentless focus on cybersecurity during mobile app development can keep the organization one step ahead of these proliferating threats, to ensure greater agility and user-friendliness in....

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