Cyber Warfare Everything Changes by Sid Vanderloot

Dec 15, 2015

Cyber Warfare Everything Changes

by Sid Vanderloot



Principles of warfare and conflict date back to prehistory. The earliest recorded origin of warfare date to the Stele of Vultures 2500 B.C at the British museum, revealing early Sumerian warfare.



Conclusively, the evolution of conflict and warfare has accompanied the advancement of civilization from its most primitive stages to our present day society. The art of warfare has remained the same throughout history up until the very last few centuries in terms of sophistication and technological advancement; the advent of the nuclear age may have changed the global perception of chivalry, code of ethics and knighthood to preventing major conflicts in fear of this dreaded weapon. The moral dogma of defense and offense has been replaced from honor and ethical code by mass annihilation at the click of a button, where technological military warfare has remodeled society to confirm with this transformation. This constant dynamic change in technology has produced a sophisticated adversary that cannot be conquered through traditional military tactics or use of advanced weapons. This adversary may have the capability to operate from within the national lines of defense of a country or deep within the highest....

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