Half of Organisations Lack a Security Aware Culture According to PGI/Harvey Nash Cyber Security Survey by Matthew Olney


Half of Organisations Lack a Security Aware Culture According to PGI/Harvey Nash Cyber Security Survey The cultivation of a security aware culture is vital to ensure successful cyber and information security. According to the PGI/Harvey Nash 2016 cyber security survey, 49% of respondents said that such a culture is lacking in their organisations. Nearly three quarters of senior information security professionals surveyed said that the creation of such a culture is a vital part of ensuring that an organisation has effective cyber security measures in place. Without such a culture the threats posed from insider threats rises greatly, mostly as a result of employee accidents such as opening harmful emails which download malware. The company itself will also be an easy target for hostile actors with repercussions that could seriously harm the organisation both financially and in terms of reputation. According to the survey, 54% of Chief Information Officers (CIO)....

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Scott Bishop
Scott Bishop
8 years ago

Fantastic article!

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