How To Create A Cyber Security Strategy For Your Business by Christy Lawrence

Mar 29, 2021

Business owners with companies that rely on digital technology in accomplishing tasks should develop a cyber security strategy. Are you in the process of creating one to keep your business information secure? If not, then it should be a priority.

Data threats now come in different sizes and shapes. If you want your company to be ready for whatever cyber attackers have up their sleeves, you need the right strategy.

Use this post as your guide when you’re about to create a strategic and effective cyber security plan for your business.

Make Sure You Understand Your Company’s Cyber Security Landscape

To understand your cyber security landscape, examine the types of cyber attacks that your business faces today. Insider threats, phishing, malware–which of these are currently affecting your business most severely and the most often? You could also check the types of threats that affected your competitors recently.

Another way to do this is through penetration testing (pen test). It’s ethical hacking where you’ll authorize a simulated cyber attack on your network or system to evaluate your weaknesses. A comprehensive article that talks about the things business owners need to look for when selecting a pen test vendor exists–view publisher site if you’re interested in this method.

Getting yourself up to speed with cyber threat trends that are....

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Verma Mahesh
Verma Mahesh
3 years ago

As time goes on, this digital transformation will happen, and because of it, cybersecurity is increasing day by day. To protect your organisation, it is important to keep yourself updated and make a list of all the vulnerable assets to attack. By doing so, you can be safe.

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