CRLFuzz - A fast tool to scan CRLF vulnerability written in Go

September 21, 2020


from Binary

The installation is easy. You can download a prebuilt binary from the releases page, unpack and run! or with

▶ curl -sSfL | sh -s -- -b /usr/local/bin

from Source

If you have go1.13+ compiler installed and configured:

▶ GO111MODULE=on go get -v

In order to update the tool, you can use -u flag with go gets command.

from GitHub

▶ git clone
▶ cd crlfuzz/cmd/crlfuzz
▶ go build .
▶ mv crlfuzz /usr/local/bin


Basic Usage

Simply, CRLFuzz can be run with:

▶ crlfuzz -u "https://target"


▶ crlfuzz -h

This will display help for the tool. Here are all the switches it supports.

Flag Description
-u, --url

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