Commonwealth Cyber Security Forum 2013


Theme for 2013 - Bringing Safety, Resilience and Security in Cyberspace.


Venue - Yaoundé Conference Centre, Cameroon

Date:  22 – 26 April 2013


About the event

Now in its 3rd successful year, the Commonwealth  Cybersecurity Forum of the CTO has been developed for stakeholders to highlight the importance of implementing robust and effective Cybersecurity frameworks, in order to assure the safety, security and resilience of  Cyber Space, paving the way to leverage its potentials for the benefit of mankind.


Key Topics:

  • Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: Customising global standards to national contexts

  • Safe surfing for the young: Child Online Protection, a joint programme by the  ITU and the CTO implemented in, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Mauritius,  Nigeria and Sierra Leone

  • Ensuring security while preserving privacy: Conflict between national security   interests and individual’s rights

  • Implications of online identity theft: From financial loss to emotional trauma

  • Building norms of behaviour: Through multi-stakeholder partnerships across borders


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January 8, 2013
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