Cloud Security Myths Vs. Facts by Tom Cross


Cloud Security Myths Vs. Facts

The potential of cloud computing makes it one of the most exciting areas of IT to come around in a long time. However, most things that are exciting come with an element of risk, and many businesses are keeping their distance from the cloud for that reason. Although cloud-based IT solutions have the potential to reduce businesses’ reliance on expensive server equipment, give them greater flexibility, and streamline their operations, it also makes many businesses nervous. They fear that allowing a third party into the ecosystem of their IT will expose them to the possibility of hacking and the loss of their sensitive information.

Fortunately, many of the most common fears business have about cloud computing are based in myth. Like any new technology, there are many misconceptions about the cloud that come from misunderstandings and incomplete information. For example, many business are afraid that cloud computing is inherently less secure than physical servers because everything has to be hosted off site. However, this is not the case — cloud systems can be a hybrid system comprised of public as well as private servers. Many businesses also believe breaches are more frequent with cloud servers, but don’t take into account that the level of security is what matters most, rather than the physical location of the servers.

These misconceptions about the security of cloud computing are preventing many businesses from taking the fullest advantage of the cloud for their operations. That could be costing them a lot as they miss out on the opportunities for real improvement they could receive as a result of utilizing the cloud. Take a look at the following slideshow and see some of the most common myths businesses believe concerning the cloud and where they get the facts wrong. If you’re interested in the cloud for your business but have concerns about its security, your worries may be for nothing.

 Cloud Security Myths Vs Facts presented by: OPAQ Networks

About the Author:
Tom Cross is Chief Technology Officer for OPĀQ Networks, and co-founder/former CTO of Drawbridge Networks. Cross is credited with discovering critical security vulnerabilities in enterprise-class software, and has written papers on collateral damage in cyber conflict, vulnerability disclosure ethics, security issues in Internet routers, securing wireless LANs and protecting Wikipedia from vandalism. 
August 7, 2017


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