Chromepass - Hacking Chrome Saved Passwords

Apr 9, 2020

Chromepass is a python-based console application that generates Windows executable with the following features:

  • Decrypt Chrome saved passwords
  • Send a file with the login/password combinations remotely (email or reverse-HTTP)
  • Custom icon
  • Completely undetectable by AntiVirus Engines

AV Detection!

Due to the way this has been coded, it is currently fully undetected. Here are some links to scans performed using a variety of websites

  • VirusTotal Scan (0/68) 30-09-2019
    • this is an educational project, so distribution (or the lack thereof) is not a concern, hence the usage of VirusTotal
  • AntiScan (0/26) 24-09-2019
  • Hibrid Analysis All Clean (CrowdStrike Falcon, MetaDefender and Virustotal) 24-09-2019

Getting started

Dependencies and Requirements

This is a very simple application, which uses only:

  • Python - Only tested on 3.7.4 but should work in 3.6+


Chromepass requires Python 3.6+ to run.

Install the dependencies:

> cd chromepass

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