Changing Passwords Regularly is Doing More Harm Than Good


Changing Passwords Regularly is Doing More Harm Than Good How often do you change your passwords? Every month? Every year? When you are forced to? Or just when you forget it? If you’re like most people, it will likely be one of the last two options. Passwords are an inconvenience; just one more thing to remember on top of everything else. So when you do need to change them, what do you do? You add a number to the end of your current password. T34m1R0nMan becomes T34m1R0nMan1, then T34m1R0nMan2, and so on and so on and so on. Or (if you have a really horrible IT administrator) your new password is not allowed to contain any characters from your old password, so you need to come up with a new one each time…each one easier to remember (and probably easier to guess) than the last one. Now, what would you....

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