How can we minimize cybersecurity risks in an Internet of Things world? - IBM Cyber Beat Live


Expert discussion on cybersecurity

Can we drive the innovation and possibilities of the Internet of Things while maintaining security?

How can we minimize cybersecurity risks in an Internet of Things world?

For answers to these questions and more, take part in a live panel discussion with experts on 17 May 2016 at 1 p.m. Eastern, where we’ll discuss the impact of the Internet of Things on cybersecurity. Here are some of the key questions to be discussed:  

  • Why is security for Internet of Things devices often so weak?

  • How are hackers exploiting connected devices?

  • What can organizations do to better secure their connected devices? What should vendors be doing?

  • Who is responsible for securing the smart home? Why?

  • Can our connected homes, cars and devices attack us?

  • What’s the role of government in ensuring connected devices are secure?



1Andrew Borene is senior executive for worldwide strategy for the IBM i2 Safer portfolio. He is a Fellow at Georgetown University’s Center for Security Studies and a Senior Fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Technological Leadership Institute. He serves on the Advisory Committee for the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Law & National Security, and the National Defense Industrial Association’s Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict (SO/LIC) Board. He is presently Chairman of the Cyber Security Summit and is a Certified Cyber Intelligence Professional (CCIP). Previously, Borene has been an Associate Deputy General Counsel at the U.S. Department of Defense, a U.S. Marine intelligence officer, and a U.S. State Department-funded Fellow for the study of peace building operations in Northern Ireland. Prior to joining IBM, Mr. Borene’s private sector experience included robotics, big data, and investment banking.



2Scott N. Schober is a cybersecurity expert and president and CEO at Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc., a 40-year-old provider of advanced wireless radio frequency (RF) test and security solutions. Schober has overseen the development of numerous cell phone detection tools used to enforce a no-cell-phone policy in corporate, correctional, law enforcement, military, secured government and university facilities. He regularly appears on Arise TV, Bloomberg TV and Canadian TV News and has numerous appearances as a cybersecurity expert on Al Jazeera America, CCTV America, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business Channel, Fox News, Inside Edition, MSNBC, One America News (OAN), PIX11, TheBlaze and more. Schober has also presented as a subject-matter expert (SME) discussing cybersecurity and corporate espionage at numerous conferences worldwide.



3Dan Lohrmann is an internationally recognized cybersecurity leader, technologist, speaker, blogger and author. Lohrmann led the Michigan government’s cybersecurity and technology infrastructure teams from 2002–2014, receiving numerous national awards including: CSO of the Year, Public Official of the Year and Computerworld Premier 100 Leader. He is a sought-after and trusted source for government cybersecurity counsel throughout the country. Lohrmann has extensive experience advising senior leaders at federal, state and local government agencies; Fortune 500 companies; National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO); National Governor’s Association (NGA); small businesses and nonprofit institutions; US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the White House.




Richard Stiennon is a veteran of the security industry and has years of experience as an industry analyst advising enterprises, vendors and government agencies on their security strategies. Stiennon is the author of Surviving Cyberwar (Government Institutes, 2010), UP and to the RIGHT: Strategy and Tactics of Analyst Influence (IT-Harvest Press, 2012) and There Will Be Cyberwar: How the Move to NCW Has Set the Stage for Cyberwar (IT-Harvest Press, 2015).



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