Best Ways to Target Your Businesses’ Key Audience


Best Ways to Target Your Businesses’ Key Audience

It would be fair to say that the very existence of a business relies on marketing, to a large extent. Marketing allows a business to introduce itself, promote itself and define itself. Marketing also allows a business to connect to perhaps the most important people in the company: its key audience. These are the people who keep the company in business, so it is vital that they are properly targeted. Here are the best ways to target your business’ key audience.

Text Analytics
Without knowing who your core audience is, it is very difficult to connect with them. A very useful tool for defining your key audience is Text Analytics Software. This type of software allows you to connect directly with real customers by transcribing customer calls and customer feedback from speech to text. This gives you first hand experience and research of the type of audience your business has.

Corporate Website
It is almost unthinkable to imagine a company that does not have a corporate website these days; web presence can be vital in targeting your key audience. Once registered with omnipotent internet presence Google, you'll be able to look at the analytics of the people visiting your website. By looking at which sites they have come from and which sites they go to next, you’ll have invaluable information about your customers’ interests.

Moreover, with the use of an interactive section of the website, such as a blog, you’ll be able to further gauge what your target audience is like. Other key sections of the website should be the Contact Us and Customer Feedback sections. These sections will give you direct contact with the people who visit your website.

Social Media
According to reports, in 2013, around half of the 33 million internet users in the UK used social media sites. The huge popularity of such sites, which include Facebook and Twitter, gives a company a great deal of scope to target their key audience. The beauty of a social media account for a business is that it allows their core customers to find them, through actions such as liking or following.

By using social media, you can quickly discover the likes and interests of the people who have been attracted to your page or account. It’s then easy to interact with them using appropriate content. A social media page also gives you instant feedback, with the like and share options available to followers, so you can quickly find out if your key audience likes what they are seeing. Don’t be afraid to consider the likes of Pinterest, too, which has its benefits.

Check your competitors
If you're ever struggling to target your audience, then you could always do worse than looking over your shoulder for clues. While you don’t want to imitate competitors, checking how a company in your sector manages to target its audience could be very important to your success in targeting your own core clients. The results of your research can then be implemented into your marketing strategy. It almost goes without saying, but you will want to focus only on successful companies in your sector.

June 30, 2014
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