A Comprehensive Guide to Bug Bounty Reconnaissance

Dear Readers, Today we have something special, this is not a magazine, instead we present a book about Bug Bounty …

May 30,2023

1 min read

Hacking with ChatGPT - Preview

Dear Readers, With AI gaining in popularity, we have decided to talk about its increasing importance in the cybersecurity world. …

Apr 27,2023

8 min read

Hacking with ChatGPT

Dear Readers, With AI gaining in popularity, we have decided to talk about its increasing importance in the cybersecurity world. …

Apr 27,2023

7 min read

Getting Offensive with Go

Dear Readers, Spring is slowly approaching (at least where we’re at - maybe you’re blessed with the Sun already)! The …

Mar 02,2023

7 min read

Chris Horner OfficialNew

Protecting Yourself From People Like Me

As a pentester, part of my job is running social engineering exercises. To be successful, I look for information I …

Jun 07,2023

9 min read

Manish Mradul OfficialNew

Cyber Threat with Chat GPT

Repetitive tasks, tons of labor hours going into mundane tasks, delayed response to complex customer queries and lack of real-time …

Jun 07,2023

6 min read

Eric Michalczyk OfficialNew

The Issue of Overlooking Personal Network Security and Its Implications

Technology is an integrated part of society in nearly every aspect of life these days, and this leads to information …

Jun 07,2023

14 min read

Opinder Singh OfficialNew

Penetration Testing with Burp Suite: Enhancing Web Application Security

In today's interconnected world, web applications play a critical role in various aspects of our lives, ranging from online banking …

Jun 07,2023

9 min read

Hacking Blockchain based APIs (W69)

Have you ever wondered what the mysterious world of Blockchain is all about? Maybe you have only heard about it in regards to Bitcoin. Blockchain is much more than just a cryptocurrency financial system. With Blockchain, we can push the boundaries of what is possible within the realm of networking and cybersecurity. Join me as we launch a digital adventure into the world of Blockchain based APIs.

Mar 11,2023

9 min read

Penetration testing OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities (W68)

OWASP Top 10 is the standard awareness for web application security and developers; it covers a broad area of most critical security risks to web application security. Almost every company adopts OWASP Top 10 approach to secure web applications and minimize the risks. Any penetration testers going to work within an organization need to follow the Top 10 to ensure application security and minimize the risks to the organization. This course is going to do the same in the practical scenario of how you can test for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities in more effective ways.

Mar 08,2023

15 min read

IoT Security - the DVID Challenge - NEW EDITION (W67)

IoT is a growing market and will be the future of our daily lives. Because of its emergence, there is no standard to steward the development process but many protocols and custom solutions to connect hardware to a cloud. Sometimes, a middleware (like smartphone application) could be encountered between hardware and cloud.

Mar 07,2023

27 min read

OSINT Fundamentals (W66)

This course focuses on Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) tactics and techniques designed to help you improve your investigative game. Students should take this course if they are interested in: *Gaining a better understanding of OSINT techniques *Improving investigative skill set *Improving overall research methodology *Improving personal OPSEC OSINT is one of the key skills required for both Red and Blue Team jobs - if you want to put these skills in your resume with confidence, this course will help!

Aug 23,2022

11 min read

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