5 Things A Cyber Security Platform Must Do To Protect Your Privacy by David Share


Cyber Security is fast becoming the need of the day as more and more businesses store sensitive data online. While cloud-based storage systems do offer a variety of features that make it easy to store, manage, edit, and retrieve data, they are often susceptible to security threats. In fact, IT Consultancies state that any computer or device connected to the internet is at risk of a security breach. Cyber attacks like phishing, DDOS and other virus and malware threats usually cause millions in financial losses and also spoil a company’s reputation. It takes years to build up a good brand image and acquire a good clientele. Cyber attacks tarnish your firm’s image and you end up losing clients.

Surveys show that almost 60% of all small and medium sized companies shut down within 6 months after a cyber attack. These numbers are deeply distressing and make a strong case of why cyber security is incredibly important. As such, most companies these days are employing security practices like equipping their systems with antiviruses, training the staff about dos and don’ts of cyber security, and taking timely offline data backups, among others. However, sometimes even these may not be enough and you may find yourself overwhelmed by all the latest advancements in technology and softwares. Well, this is why a third-party managed cyber security platform could well be the solution to your problems. IT Support companies usually provide comprehensive cyber security platforms that take care of all your security needs under one roof. 

But with the range of security platforms around, how does one choose which is the best suited for one’s business. Well, here are 5 things that you must look for before choosing a security package for your business.

1. Centralised control 

When looking for a suitable cyber security platform, it is vital that you choose one that allows control across all devices. In any cyber security system, there are a variety of devices, softwares, and network configurations involved. As such, having a platform that caters to all your devices, be it your phones, workstations, emails, cloud-based systems etc., is crucial. It will not do to have a security platform that works well with the data on your desktop, but doesn’t protect your email, as most phishing attacks occur through the medium of malicious emails. Thus, a control of all internet-connected data devices and centralised management is imperative in any cyber security platform.

2. Cloud-based services 

As we discussed above, many companies are backing up their data to cloud-based storage systems. While that does provide ease of access, it also makes your system vulnerable. Your cyber security platform must be able to sync with your existing cloud systems to prevent, detect, and mitigate potential threats. Integrating your cloud system into your cyber security platform will allow the security modules to filter all data, study user behavioural patterns and use algorithms to isolate suspicious files, thus providing enhanced security.

3. Cross-platform flexibility 

When you think of IT support in London, cyber security platforms are a key aspect of it. However, when opting for a security platform, bear in mind that it should not only be compatible with your existing set up, but also with potential future devices. Many cyber security platforms that you’ll come across may have effective but rigid algorithms. These, while good for the present, will eventually cause hurdles when you begin to scale your business and add new device systems. Thus, make sure to choose a cyber security platform that is open and flexible, and provides ease of collaboration with any new interface.

4. Personalised Security plans 

Every business has different needs. Some may have a strong in-house security but vulnerable cloud systems, while others may have strong secure email and internet security, but may be poorly lacking in on-premise access security. As such, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. What you need is an IT support company that studies and understands your business, inspects it for loopholes and vulnerabilities, and designs a security platform that fulfils your business needs. You will find certain cyber security providers that can personalise the cyber security platforms based on your business. Such platforms are more likely to work to your benefit as compared to standard cyber security platforms in the market.

5. Help with regulation compliance 

In order to create security awareness and to ensure that companies undertake proper security measures, many governments are now enforcing certain regulatory laws. For example, the European Union has the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to enforce businesses to comply with effective security procedures. Failure to comply with these policies results in massive fines, thus ensuring that companies stay safe from potential threats. A good cyber security platform will help you meet these compliance regulations and avoid additional monetary losses.

Cyber security isn’t something that should be taken lightly and the sooner you take efforts to safeguard your company, the better chances you have of mitigating potential threats. Cyber Security platforms can come in handy as they offer a reasonable, comprehensive, managed solution to cyber attacks and other security threats. Coming up with your own security practices may seem easy enough, but you’ll end up spending a lot of time and money to develop the required security systems, and even then certain safety measures may require high expertise or may be way out of your budget. But IT consultancies in Watford solve this issue by fixing you up with cost-effective, state-of-the-art, robust security systems, as well as 24*7 assistance and expertise. It is futile spending all that time and money when a superior readymade system is already available in the market. 

Thus, if you’re looking to upgrade your security and prevent cyber attacks, the best thing to do is to scout your areas for cyber security specialists, get a free quote and weigh the above points. Once they study your business, they can suggest the best security fit for your company and install a proficient cyber security platform. You and your company can then be on the way to a safe and secure business.

About the Author:

David Share has held positions as Operations Director and Head of IT in legal and professional firms for more than 10 years. He is a Director and co-owner of Amazing Support, a Microsoft Silver & Cyber Essentials accredited specialist Managed IT Support and Cyber Security Company. David actively helps SME businesses receive better Managed IT Support and Cyber Security Services in the London and Hertfordshire areas.

August 28, 2019


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