Who is the ‘Enemy’? Cybersecurity explored in Hakin9 OnDemand 01/2013

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Dear Hakin9 Readers,


We have survived the end of the world and we are entering the new year with an issue devoted to Cybersecurity. We have done our best to bring you quality articles from our experts and we hope our January edition will provide you with valuable knowledge.

This month, William F, Slater, III explains how to get your organization ready for cyberwar, Terrance Stachowski discusses active cyber defense, and Luciano Ferrari takes up industrial cybersecurity. Moreover, Pierluigi Paganini introduces you to anonymizing your network, Pankaj Patel explains how to keep web apps secure, and Mark Painter addresses the top three mobile application threats nowadays.

In addition, our editor Ewa Duranc talks with Aseem Jakhar, the founder of nullcon Security Conference.

Hakin9′s editorial team would like to give special thanks to the authors, betatesters, proofreaders and our editor in chief, Ewa Dudzic.


We hope that you will enjoy reading this issue!


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