StaffCop – activity monitoring software & network performance monitoring. Remote traffic monitoring tool, employee monitoring software & spying program

The majority of companies out there today are trying their best to use the power of social media and its large user base to their advantage. If your company is utilizing social media websites chances are your employees are allowed to use sites on company time and using company assets. Unfortunately employees inadvertently and occasionally on purpose reveal sensitive company information on external websites.  If your organization is worried about your employees abusing this right to use the Internet on company time there are many different approaches you can take.  StaffCop Standard incorporates many of the different options available to you so it can be a perfect solution for
all of your surveillance and data loss concerns.

StaffCop will record all user login, logouts and create an report analyzing of the activities on the pc.  It can also record all applications used and their run time, allowing you to monitor all your employee’s activities accurately and easily.  StaffCop can be installed remotely and will run as a service on the pc in either visible or invisible mode.

StaffCop PC Monitoring Software is capable of monitoring and reporting on all email on a computer, recording the sender, recipient and attachments.  It can also record all Instant Messaging from clients such as MSN, ICQ, and AOL.

One of the more popular features of StaffCop is it’s Internet browsing tracking abilities.  StaffCop will record the page address, title, time of access, search terms, and time spent on the web site. All types of Web browsers are supported. You can see a list of opened Web sites when needed or access a report about all sites visited by users in a specified time range.

StaffCop will log the use of all USB devices, recording the device name and the time of connection or disconnection, including all types of USB devices (Flash Drives, MP3 players, iPod, iPhone, camera, etc).

When needed StaffCop can communicate to the end-users by sending instant messages from the administrative module to any StaffCop client. Allowing for easy fast and reliable communication to any user.

StaffCop has the ability to enable some more advanced tracking capabilities.  StaffCop can be configured to perform screenshot recording, application monitoring, clipboard monitoring, system event monitoring, file and directory tracking and even keystroke logging. All events are logged and accessible in StaffCops Reporting feature.

If you are worried about data loss and are looking for a robust and capable monitoring application StaffCop is fully featured, easy to use and administer and is perfect for any monitoring need you may need.

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