PenTest Lab Penetration Testing courses

Dear Hakin9 followers:

We would like to present you a special offer for our Penetration Testing courses.

Our PenTest courses are divided into three levels.

The individual purchase of each level would cost you as following:

  • 390$ for the 1st level
  • 590$ for the 2nd level
  • 690$ for the 3rd level

That sums up to 1670$.

The offer is valid till the end of October.

If you decide to pay in advance for the whole course,
you will get a special price of 1400$

and you will receive our 149$ 1st level guide book FOR FREE.

Learn penetration testing on BackTrack Linux 5r2-PenTesting Edition lab  

Try out the first lesson  for free.

Find out more about our courses’ syllabuses 

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