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Mobile Phone Spying, Detection and Countermeasures
By Akinfe Oluwafemi,
CCNA, CCNA sec, A+ IT Tech, C|EH, E|CSA – Information Technology

Too many people see their portable PC which the smartphone today certainly is still as a phone with a sense of phony security accordingly. Thus mobile security pruducts use is still in it’s infancy when you compare it with the classic PC/Laptop.

Sim Card Hacking
By Anupam Sharma
CEH, LPT, CHFI, co-founder of Aorso Technologies and Unhacks Inc.

SIM cards were believed to be the most secure part of a mobile phone but recent researches have proved otherwise. An expert cryptographer within security research labs has found a way to trick mobile phones into granting access to the device`s locations, SMS functions, and allow changes to a person`s voicemail number.


Windows Phone 8 Application Penetration Testing Essentials
By Wouter Veugelen,
Cyber Security Consultant, member of AISA, ISACA , ISSA

An overview of the Windows Phone 8 operating system security features and how to conduct penetration tests of Windows Phone 8 applications.

Mobile Network Traffic Analysis
By Milad Hosseni,
Application Security Specialist, the founder of

Mobile network analysis is the process of capturing network traffic and inspecting it closely to determine what is happening “under the hood”. Monitoring network traffics is important in most mobile app penetration testing, yet fun to mess around with.

Kids Mobile Safety
By Dalibor Vlaho,
OSCP, CEH, CEO at Information Security Agency

The article on how to protect your family and mostly the youngsters against serious hacking dangers and how to control them using various applications. The overview written by the specialist deeply involved in the Online Child Safety Education and Abuse-Prevention Program.


When is a Tablet safer than PC?
by Farzad ‘Fernando’ Ghafourian,
Security Specialist, Technical Sales Engineer at Eset Australia

It is said that tablets and smartphones are not enough smart in security and since vulnerabilities rely on “security stupidity”, it is judged that these new born appliances are not safe to use. The judgment has become so bold that recently some organizations preferred NOT to use smartphones and tablets. The question is: “are laptops always safer than smartphones and tablets?” The answer is…


Interview with Akinfe Oluwafemi
By Julia Adamczewska

Interview with Dalibor Vlaho
By Julia Adamczewska

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