Exploiting Linux Kernel – OnDemand Digest 08/12

Dear Hakin9 Readers,

This month’s issue is devoted to Linux Kernel Hacking. As always, we have prepared for you a set of interesting articles provided by experts in Kernel exploiting. Johnatan Levin will teach you about hooking socket API calls, Amr Thabet will walk you through the process of creating your own security tool, and Massimiliano Sembiante disputes on Android OS kernel exploit. In addition, just as the last time, we have managed to bring you something extra – William F. Slater III and CISSP Terrance J. Stachowski write about cyber-security (respectively on integration of cyberwarfare and cyberdeterrence strategies in the US, and conflict between the U.S. Government and Chinese telecommunications company Huawei). As a bonus, Bitdefender’s Bogdan Botezatu presents his research on Windows 8′s resistance to malware.

We hope that you will enjoy reading this issue!

Exploiting Linux Kernel - OnDemand Digest 08/12Exploiting Linux Kernel - OnDemand Digest 08/12 - Hakin9 Teasers
Exploiting Linux Kernel - OnDemand Digest 08/12

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