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z/OS mainframe by Paul F. Renda

Attention all z/OS mainframe computer operators, hackers have discovered z/OS mainframe and not in a good way. They realize the capacity, resilience and throughput of the mainframe makes it a perfect spam engine. One z/OS mainframe can be the equivalent 2000 to 10,000 Intel boxes. Look for unusual high activity on the Linux/UNIX side of the mainframe. At Defcon 23 a presenter showed how to scan the internet for z/os mainframes. I believe government(.gov) mainframes are mostly the target. 


Paul is an inventor and a futurist. He has spoken twice at Defcon and twice at HOPE (Hope Hackers On Planet Earth). In 1995 Paul was first person to come up with a defense against war dialers. A war dialer is a device that scans telephone numbers looking for modems this is done to possibly break into a computer system. He’s been active in information security for the past 45 years

May 17, 2017

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