x86/x86-64 Assembly Introduction [FREE COURSE CONTENT]


In this video from our Reverse Engineering with Ghidra course we take shot at learning the basics of x86/x86-64 Assembly. This is just the very beginning of our adventure, so we're laying sold foundations to play with Ghidra later on. We'll take a closer look at: 

  • Windows & Linux calling convention
  • Stack organization
  • Function prolog and epilog
  • Segmentation
  • Understanding loops in assembly

If this is something you like to do, definitely check out the whole training!

Whether you dissect malware or any other software, whether your goal is security testing or understanding how everything works, reverse engineering is the most effective method you can use. This course will hone your assembly language skills, go through how arguments get passed in registers, and land on analyzing sophisticated malware. All of this will be done using Ghidra, the free and open-source tool developed by the National Security Agency.

Ghidra is one of the most powerful Reverse Engineering tools available in the market, and the course will not only teach you regular RE techniques, but will also show how to boost them using Ghidra’s advanced capabilities.

This course will introduce you to Ghidra, which is a reverse engineering tool with one of the most advanced decompilers available. After this course it will be your go-to when you want to deconstruct malware. Let’s face it, malware analysis will not go away anytime soon, and malware authors have always been one step ahead of the security researchers. Why not face them armed with the best arsenal?

Every day attackers target things that could affect your everyday life and work, from nuclear power plants to a simple washing machine in your house. As a security pro these are the problems you are facing right now, and it will only get more serious from now on. You need to keep up with malware to defend against it, and reverse engineering it with top-shelf tools is the best way to do it.

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March 17, 2022
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