Windows 8 patch process to introduce smart updates and messaging


Microsoft aims to streamline the update and provide smart messaging as part of it's new Windows 8 release next year (2012). Redmond aims to reduce the number of restarts to updates - hopefully removing the need for changes to 'code in use' having to reboot the OS. Windows restarts are disruptive to user experience especially if you are working on something important. Apart from smart updating, Windows 8 will also no longer show 'on-the-desktop notification's (those annoying pop-ups on the taskbar).

When one or more updates require a restart, Windows 8 will alert users in a message on the Windows log-in screen which will persist for three days. If a user does not action a restart within the three day timeline, Windows 8 will do it either at the end of a grace period or if critical apps are open, the next time a user logs in. Big question here is what happens if we get a bad patch which has happened in the past with Redmond?

November 17, 2011
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