Why Cybersecurity Needs to Remain a Top Priority For Every Company


Cybersecurity must be a top priority for every business across every industry. Through the expansion of the internet, exposure to malicious users and exploited devices has increased dramatically. 

Essentially, our devices are communicating with more users than ever before and connecting around the world has come with some unfortunate consequences. Unfortunately, the damage that these breaches and hacks cause can sometimes cripple a business for good or expose countless users to hackers. 

Avoiding this has become the most important thing that businesses can do as the threat continues to grow across the spectrum. Some businesses, however, still have not updated with the cybersecurity trend at great risk to themselves and others. 

Cybersecurity should start by analyzing the systems that are currently in place and gauging which ones need to upgrade. Analyzing the network infrastructure first allows businesses to handle the front end of the cybersecurity deployment to prevent any viruses from entering the network. 

Network infrastructures are often not secure

Mini small and medium businesses rely on routers and other networking equipment supplied them by their Internet service provider. This is not recommended for several reasons. Chiefly, the network equipment they supply you with it’s often cheap and outdated.

As a result, networking structures are often wanting. They do not have the proper hubs, switches, or routers. The equipment, and therefore the infrastructure, underperforms.

Hacking is much more sophisticated than it used to be

Businesses must take cybersecurity more seriously than they ever have before because the world is only getting bigger and the opportunities continue to grow. The importance of cybersecurity grows alongside the growth of the Internet and will continue to be a cornerstone of business in the future.

Hackers are becoming more coordinated and pernicious. As hacking organizations and individuals become more profitable, the hacking techniques become more sophisticated and malicious,

Every single business should be on guard. Every business in this day and age produces a massive amount of data and this data could be quite valuable.

Privacy regulations must be operationalized

Privacy is important. But, it’s often overlooked. The recent large breaches require all of our attention, however. More businesses are subject to targeted hacking attempts than ever before.

It is important to make sure that your company is aware of every privacy policy and protocol that relate to their doing business. For instance, your business may be liable for personal damages related to a data leak from your database. It’s important to take the proper precautions to safeguard sensitive data of tech managers, interns, and clients alike.

Encryption can save you from costly leaks

Encrypting your file system, or even individual files can protect you from data leaks. Encrypting files is often an easy but neglected duty. 

Use programs like FolderLock to encrypt without much effort or encrypt an entire partition with powerful and comprehensive encryption software.

Free security software downloads make security affordable. Using network vulnerability scanners in conjunction with encryption tools and antivirus software will provide you with a strong layer of security.


Companies must make sure that their equipment is up to date and modern enough to keep up with current software. Legacy technologies are often the culprit when analyzing the source of a network intrusion because older technology does not have the same level of active security that newer tech does. 

Company networks should also be customized to the needs of the business specifically and limited where necessary to mitigate the damages of a potential hack. Risk mitigation, as it were, has its limits when it comes to honest hacking. 

Many of the best hackers use social exploits to gain access to private data. Every business should be educating their employees about the dangers online and setting up rigorous network protocols to prevent errant attacks from unknown sources. 

Businesses can control their networks to this degree by assigning the proper value to their data. Most businesses are parting with valuable data without any knowledge of the fact because they have failed to implement appropriate cybersecurity standards. Businesses can implement a greater level of security by choosing to encrypt their file systems completely. 

Even though it requires more permission checks, setting up a standard and thorough encryption system will make your business an iron fortress. 

November 12, 2019
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