Who is spying on you? by DjiBestBuy

Who is spying on you?

The source that is used to spy on you might be closer to you than you think, it can be your wireless router or public wifi. The need to help you secure your stuff and keep spies out of your network makes us come with an example of network security that can work for you.

Firewall is a network security measure that happens to be the most common. It is defined as any perimeter device that permits or denies traffic based on a set rules configured by administrator. Hence, a firewall can be as simple as a router with access list or as complex as set of modules that is distributed through the network controlled from one central location.

The team from DjiBestBuy show us who is spying you and how to stop them.

How to stop them?

There are many ways you can protect yourself from spies, few will be discussed in this paragraph. The first one here is to use an antivirus program and make sure it is kept updated, this will help to detect any threat to your privacy and security. In addition, you are advised to safeguard your personal information.

Many people put themselves at risk by sharing out their personal data online, you need to be careful of what you share online and with who you share your personal information with. Sharing too much personal information makes you an easy target.

Another measure is to create strong passwords, which nobody except you can think of or guess easily. When creating a password, ensure that it is long (around 9 or more characters) and make it a combination of alphabets, numbers and punctuation marks.

Do not use any well-known information like your date of birth, name, and nickname as your password. Finally, use a VPN service (Hotspot Shield VPN), VPN protects your privacy and identity online by encrypting your internet traffic and hides your real IP address, thereby making it uneasy for any spy/hacker to access your files or data. By using VPN, hackers cannot steal your data and ISP cannot spy on you.

August 9, 2017
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