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Recently I was interviewed by East-Tec Company. One of the questions they asked me concerned my own advice to people looking for data privacy and security. Since this issue generates a great deal of heated debate, I decided to list few basic tips for our Readers.

  1. Password - make it decent. Use both capital letters and numbers. Use different passwords for different websites. Remember: you should not reveal your password in public.

  2. Backup - backups make your life easier. During an attack, some of your files may disappear and it may be impossible to restore them. Backups will prevent you from loosing important data.

  3. Awareness - be aware that there are threats and vulnerabilities. Being aware of the possible dangers will enable you to introduce security practices to your daily routine.

  4. Updates - update your software on regular basis. That will prevent you from leaks in your security system.

  5. Emails - use different email addresses. Do not link your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn with your bank account. Use different emails for different purposes.

  6. Antivirus - that's a necessity. No matter how careful you are, antivirus will give you proper protection and will check your system on regular basis. Remember to choose good antivirus.

  7. Beware - beware phising and social engineering. Do not respond to emails that look suspicious or imitate your bank's website, etc. Be careful when you give your personal information on the web. Check if the source can be trusted.

These basic tips will be continued. If you would like to suggest your own tips, you can write to us at [email protected]. We would like you to share your knowledge with us and Hakin9 Readers.

Ewa Duranc

Product Manager of Hakin9 Magazine

April 2, 2014
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