When PT in ChatGPT refers to Penetration Testing


Reconnaissance and scanning A word of caution: this article makes considerable use of concepts such as Sarcasm and Irony. If you haven’t previously been exposed to these topics, please search them on Wikipedia. Or ask ChatGPT. We will highlight sarcastic/ironic sentences in italic. More seriously: ChatGPT has demonstrated that anyone can write articles, because it can write articles on your behalf. So, to make the whole output thing look more genuine, and somehow funnier for myself, I am adding a little bit of spice here and there. Prologue Everybody does it. Everyone perceives that the utilisation of AI can benefit the Penetration Testing process. Everyone talks about it. This reminds us of when a few years ago, people spoke about "cloud" to disguise the fog in their brains. One thing for sure, there is a certain amount of hype about AI nowadays. In this article, I am not describing what....

April 28, 2023


Gabriele Bondo
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