Vajra – an automated web hacking framework for web applications

Mar 15, 2021

Table of Content

  • About Vajra
    • What is Vajra
    • Key Feaures
    • What Vajra does
  • Installation
  • Tools Used by Vajra
  • Contributing
  • License
  • Future Plans/Under Development
  • Credits
  • Disclaimer
  • FAQ

Detailed insight about Vajra can be found at

About Vajra

Vajra is an automated web hacking framework to automate boring recon tasks and same scans for multiple target during web applications penetration testing. Vajra has highly customizable target scope based scan feature. Instead of running all the scan on target, it runs only those scan selected by you which will minimize unnecessary traffic and stores output in one place at CouchDB.

Vajra uses most common open source tools which every Bug Hunter runs during their testing on target. It does all the stuffs through web browser with very simple UI that makes it absolute beginner friendly framework.

Analyzing your data from scan result is very important in Bug Bounty. The chances of missing anything is less only if you could visualize your data in proper way and Vajra does so with....

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