Update: Facebook Custom “Hide this from” privacy


A number of Facebook users have contacted Julian about the “Hide this from” feature. They wanted to know whether they could hide posts from some friends. Let’s clear this up. Well Julian will attempt to clear it up today, because tomorrow Facebook may have changed this!

The custom settings (Privacy Settings > Control Your Default Privacy > Custom)  including the ‘me only’ setting, doesn’t stop your friends from seeing your posts. It now appears that if you use the custom setting, you can add 20 people at any one time but if you add more than 20 people, your status updates will not show up in those specific peoples news feeds. It will post on your wall but not on the specific people you have selected (above) to see the post – they also will be unable to see your wall as only you can see your wall. Custom settings (Facebook being rather convoluted) will only work if you choose 20 people to see what you’re about to post. Read more...

October 20, 2011
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