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New functional version: v.3.0 Author: M3n0sD0n4ld Twitter: @David_Uton https://github.com/m3n0sd0n4ld/uDork Description: uDork is a script written in Bash Scripting that uses advanced Google search techniques to obtain sensitive information in files or directories, find IoT devices, detect versions of web applications, and so on. uDork does NOT make attacks against any server, it only uses predefined dorks and/or official lists from exploit-db.com (Google Hacking Database: https://www.exploit-db.com/google-hacking-database). Download and install: $ git clone https://github.com/m3n0sd0n4ld/uDork $ cd uDork $ chmod +x uDork.sh - Open the file "uDork.sh" and write inside this line: $ ./uDork.sh -h Steps to obtain the cookie and configure the cookie Login to facebook.com Now we will access www.messenger.com (It is the Facebook messaging app) and click on the "Continue as..." button. Once we're in, all we have to do is get the two cookies we need to make uDork work. 3.1 - With firefox: -- Right mouse button and....

February 14, 2022
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2 years ago

Ha. Why write tools that do this? Or why publish them. It’s so trivial and only creates more problems than solutions unless it’s a honeypot.

2 years ago

Facebook cookies to use a Google Search. Seems legit. <_<

You’re a “dork” if you follow these instructions and get your Facebook account stolen LOL.

3 years ago

Thats nice

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