Turning the frustration of a mobile game into a reverse engineering training by Guillaume Lesniak


I consider myself a grey hat. I’m far from being the best hacker or cracker in this world, and I tend to notify most of the people I “hack” about their systems weaknesses. Almost all the “hacks” I am doing involve using some software other people built: Slowloris test tools, SQLmap, and just randomness/luck (like finding out where my ex-university stores everyone’s cookies, or just trying random stuff on APIs). Yes, I am closer to a script-kiddie than a hacker. However, for the first time ever, today, I felt like I leveled-up my skills. A little bit of back story. I am a huge fan of a mobile tower defense game. It is the typical “play 10 minutes a day” game that you enjoy playing while eating your breakfast, and I’ve been playing this game for 622 days now. That’s almost two years of dedication, every day, playing the daily....

February 6, 2019
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