Top 10 most dangerous things people do with their smartphone by DjiBestBuy

Smartphone houses everyone’s privacy and money

since the inception of smartphones, record-keeping materials like diaries, wall calendars etc have seem to be less relevant. The smartphone now does the work of data and record keeping, financial and private information are also stored on it.

The high level of sensitive information contained in this device, makes it very important to protect it the same way we would protect other very important things in our lives. The necessity of a high level of security for our smartphones, makes the infographic highlight the tips to protecting the smartphones from being hacked.

Dangerous things people do

People endanger their smartphones in many ways, a few but important of those acts are to be discussed in this paragraph. A common dangerous thing people do is not protecting their smartphones using a password, a survey has shown that 62% of smartphone owners do not password protect their gadgets. Maybe this is due to ignorance, carelessness, or maybe both, but you need to know that smartphone users are 33% more likely to experience identity theft.

Another dangerous act is, leaving your financial and banking apps and websites on auto sign-in even when they are not in use for a while. You might have heard cases where people have their bank accounts hacked, some are due to this reason.  Maybe people do this for easy and quick access, but the harm it can bring when the smartphone gets into wrong hands is not something to look forward to.

Recent study shows that 33% of smartphone owners keep their private passwords saved on their phones. In addition, for teenagers and young adults, sending nude pictures and videos is not advisable. Many people do this out of affection, but study has shown that 17% of recipients forward these files to another person.


August 22, 2017
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