Tired of Worrying About Cyber Attacks? Try These 5 Tips For Better Security by Jerry Low


The increasing cyber-attacks on online businesses have led to an urgent need to enhance cyber security. These attacks are costly, with the average data breach costing up to $4.24 million. A solid security solution is thus a crucial need for any business wanting to thwart or weather security breaches. Fortunately, as cyber attackers become more daring and sophisticated in their techniques, companies are also developing stronger, more effective measures to counter these threats. If you are looking to enhance your firm's security, here are 6 invaluable tips to help you do just that. 1. Update Your Software and Systems Fully To gain entry into a business' security system, hackers look for loopholes they can exploit. These include outdated software, systems, browsers, or firewalls. Unfortunately, once they infiltrate your security systems, they can cause data breaches and all manner of harm, including: Fraud Identity theft Malware Ransom demands Website defacement Disappearing....

October 22, 2021
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2 months ago

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