There Are Ways To Help Stop Cyber Bullying by Melissa Crooks


Bullying is a hurtful action that has been around forever. Today, however, these bullies have discovered they can prolong an individual’s pain by using mobile devices and the internet. It is no longer just a physical problem, it is now emotionally and mentally harmful. Since time has changed and the way kids and adults deal with the bullying tactics, we need to find other ways to help stop and prevent this detrimental behavior. Top app development companies have designed apps that will likely help.

Being online, in the privacy of your own home does not mean that your child is not receiving threats or hurtful words from others. The majority of children online whether on laptops or on their cell phones has grown substantially. Up to 20% of kids 6 to 9 years of age spend two or more hours on the internet, whether gaming or on social networks. A parent can set parental controls on the devices and still not prevent all the issues that children go through from bullies.

Thankfully, we do have assistance out there. Top app development companies have designed certain apps that allow anonymous reports to be filed that report these actions.

Certain apps developed for mobile devices were originally thought of by students who have experienced being bullied. They know how the victim feels and offer tutorials to assist in reporting, deleting and blocking the individual that is treating them in a harassing manner. The two students who act as guides will offer tips and links to counselors that can help the victims.

Another app created by a 17 year old and top app development companies is a useful one that works towards the bully themselves. The app helps promote proper behavior and gives a person a second chance to rethink what they are saying to others in message form. It helps to create a more positive behavior online. This app can detect offensive language and the hurtful words that have caused many suicides among teenagers in our world. The writer will receive a prompt that suggests they think again about sending such a message. For up to 93% of these bullies, the messages are deleted and not sent. With the pressure that so many victims feel as far as reporting the messages they receive, this prevents the fear they feel as far as retaliation for telling an adult.

Many of the apps developed by top app development companies are enabled with a capture and block capability. These will allow for recording the bullying individual word whether typed or spoken. The bully does not know that they are being recorded. Separate apps developed by top app development companies allow people to send in tips to government officials in an anonymous manner. Most apps are free, and a few will set you back less than $5.00. Well worth the cost of peace for the adolescent.

Not surprisingly, is the fact that cyberbullying does not stop at the adolescents. This negativity has crossed over to the workplace. Op app development companies have also designed an app for employees to report harassment they receive from fellow employees. Petitions had circulated to remove apps that basically were allowing people to harass and bully others. That app was supposedly created for employees to give constructive feedback to the employers, however, that is the opposite of what took place. The app was then removed from the online stores. After much thought and consideration, it had been determined that the workplace app be one that allows anonymity. There is one that allows the person reporting to send it directly to the head offices. Others will send a report to a third party ombudsman.

The ramifications of not preventing or ending the harassment of adolescents and adults alike cause detrimental damages that can lead to severe depression, anxiety, relationship issues or even suicide. Cyberbullying is something that can and will happen to someone we know. It is not an issue to ignore or laugh at behind the victim’s back. Everyone including teachers and parents needs to face the bullies head-on to protect all youth and adults from being victimized. Do not stand back and expect the bully or the bully’s parents to put an end to the behavior. Most often the parent does not know.

Take advantage of the apps developed by top app development companies that allow people to record and send the messages received to law enforcement, parents, teachers and any governmental group that makes it known they are there for the victims. There is no room to wait for someone else to help the victim, face it head-on with a calm demeanor and confidence. Other actions to help stave off the cyberbullying behavior could be:

Make the expectations clear pertaining to any online behavior. This includes social websites, games, workplace email accounts and personal email, even texting on mobile devices.

Always speak in a positive manner when speaking with the bully, and leave the conversation in a positive way. For the youth, be persistent in seeking help from an adult. Sometimes people are busy, so be patient and keep looking for assistance. For all, please remember that any physical action should only be in times when all else has failed, it should be considered as a last resort of action or to protect yourself. Use the apps to record, report, protect and prevent any cyberbullying.

About the Author:

Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in New York, USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. She also writes for top app development companies.


November 5, 2019


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