The process of developing tactics with the purpose of preparing for a cyberwar

Mar 8, 2023

Who are the cyber military powers today?

Cyber military defenses are being developed by most of the developed countries in the world. However, for a country to be a military power, they must develop both offensive and defensive powers. The fine balance between the two makes those countries powerful as well as peaceful at the same time. However, this is not the case in most of the world powers.  USA, UK, Russia, China, Iran, Israel, etc., can be identified as the most powerful cyber military powers in the world. 

What are their doctrines? Offensive, defensive, balance?

In most of the countries, the doctrine of cyber military power exploitation is a balance between offensive and defensive. But countries like China, said to possess the largest cyber military force in the world, can be considered to have a more offensive doctrine. In contrast, countries like the UK can be considered to have a more defensive approach of protection from cyber military acts against the country or their assets. A more balanced approach can be seen in countries like the USA, where both offensive and defensive strength is high, while there is a large portion of the defense budget being allocated for cyber related power. Russia, on the other hand, can be considered as a highly offensive country in cyber military warfare. Espionage and cyber attacks are some of the most common attack techniques used in cold wars, out of which most are led by Russian groups of hackers. 

What are the military....

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