The new tough tightrope – mobility, usability, and cost


The Information Age has offered us a world of opportunities along its evolution, but as the accessibility of
information has grown in high speed it has created a double-edged sword. With opportunities comes risk, and
cybercrime continues to increase and drive the industry to constantly seek innovation to secure users. Further
complicating this is the driven factors of the end users, which is more in line with usability without many thoughts
about security.
This driver is the strongest force behind the move from traditional security-equipped desktop to the less secure
mobile devices, and what the latest trend have shown is that mobility is here to stay. According to Gartner the
market trend of mobility is very strong and by 2020 we will have 7,3 billion of smartphones, tablets and laptops in
the world and 26 billion number of connected items (Internet of Things). This creates a security dilemma.
The combination of security limitations within mobility and the users wish for usability has pushed service
providers to explore mobility options, such as eBanking, eCommerce, online gaming etc. The estimated revenue
of mobile services in 2015 is $600 billion (Jupiter Research) and the mobile platform is now a hacker’s first choice
for victims. Therefore the focus within the security market should be to find a solution to make those hacker´s
scratch their heads in frustration.
“There needs to be a solution that provides various other authentication factors that are less invasive, such as:
risk-based authentication, device authentication, out-of-band (OOB) verifications, and proximity factors. Thankfully
there is a European company who has discovered the key to addressing this daunting challenge. Keypasco has
the ability to disrupt the secure authentication market, and support the growing need for secure mobility.”
- Frost & Sullivan
Mobility is a revolution in flexibility, and the only way to secure mobility is to sculpt security in the same mould! A
user should be able to do what they want, no matter if that means checking a bank statement in the check-out line
or send a private message to your friend, and the service provider should be able to keep the investment and ongoing
costs to a minimum while employing a solution that rapidly adjusts to new emerging threats. This is the only
way for security to move as the market is.

Keypasco contact:
Anna Zetterholm
[email protected], +46-31-102364

January 12, 2015
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