The Cyber Hack 2014


The Cyber Hack NEW for 2014!   The Cyber Hack, in association with 44CON Cyber Security A new live open source security lab will be featured as part of Cyber Security EXPO this October. Here, you’ll be able to share ideas with White Hat hackers, security gurus, Cyber Security EXPO speakers and fellow professionals. As the threat of cyber-crime for leading commercial organisations continues to grow, it is the knowledge of the hackers that we need to learn from.   In The Cyber Hack, you will:   • See hacks take place in real time, and gain insight into how businesses can learn to prevent them.  • Attempt to beat the best defences and security minds in the Pen Test Prize Challenge.  • Discuss cyber-crime prevention with professionals and researchers from all sides of the industry. Mingle and share knowledge, in the IdeaHub (Whiteboards and Pens will be provided!)  ....

October 8, 2014
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