Tangalanga: the Zoom conference scanner hacking tool


Tangalanga is a Zoom Conference scanner. This scanner will check for a random meeting id and return information if available.

Download: https://github.com/elcuervo/tangalanga


Those are all the possible flags:

tangalanga \
    -token=user-token \   # [default: env TOKEN]  user token to use.

    -colors=false \       # [default: true]    enable/disable colors
    -censor=true \        # [default: false]   censors output
    -output=history \     # [default: stdout]  write found meetings to file
    -debug=true \         # [default: false]   show all the attmpts
    -tor=true \           # [default: false]   enable tor connection (will use default socks proxy)
    -hidden=true \        # [default: false]   enable embedded tor connection (only linux)
    -rate=7 \             # [default: ncpu]    overwrite the default worker pool

    -proxy=socks5://... \ # [default: socks5://]   proxy url to use


Unfortunately, I couldn't find the way the tokens are being generated but the core concept is that the zpk cookie key is being sent during a Join will be usable for ~24 hours before expiring. This makes trivial to join several known meetings, gather some tokens, and then use them for the scans.

TOR (only Linux)

Tangalanga has a tor runtime embedded so it can connect to the onion network and run the queries there instead of exposing your own IP.

For any other system, I recommend a VPN

Why the bizarre name?

This makes reference to a famous 80s/90s personality in the Rio de la Plata. Doctor Tangalanga who loved to do phone pranks.

November 4, 2020
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mohammad marwan
mohammad marwan
1 year ago

how to join the meeting id which we already know?
can we join the meeting using this?
and can we join the meeting using this without entering into the waiting room?
and can we put custom name?
and is the room id same as meeting id?

A hopeless dud
2 years ago

i downloaded it but when i wish to run the app it opens but then closes itself

2 years ago

from where can i download this?

Last edited 2 years ago by man
Hakin9 TEAM
2 years ago
Reply to  man

To download this tool you must visit https://github.com/elcuervo/tangalanga

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