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August 23, 2013

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Get Expert Skills on QR Code Hacking with Hakin9 Tutorials

Dear Readers, We are pleased to welcome you at the end of the summer period with a brand new issue. The issue that is supposed to be just a start in the area of QR code research. This is still a new topic and many people wouldn’t like to share their research and discoveries on […]

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December 7, 2011

Hakin9 Mobile Cover

Hakin9 Mobile 1/11 (1)

Android Insecurities by Joey Peloquin The article will begin with a focus on what the author calls Offensive Mobile Forensics, an analysis technique that mimics the approach an attacker would take in the event they acquired a lost or stolen device. Readers will notice some stark differences between iOS and Android analysis. Next, the author […]

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November 27, 2011

HTTP query request vulnerability in iTunes Apple Software Updater

A German company called Gamme International has reported that remote monitoring software designed to exploit a vulnerability in Apple iTunes can indeed infect a PC system. FinFisher spyware software uses a vulnerability in the iTunes update system to install itself on the target PC system. The exploit relies on the fact that Apple Software Updater […]

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November 24, 2011


MacX DVDRipper Pro

I’m sure I’m not the only one that is tired of booting up a Windows machine or VM whenever you want to rip a disc. Ripping in Linux is still a little cumbersome and usually there is about a 50/50 chance it will work out nicely, so Windows is what most folks use to rip. […]

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November 10, 2011

Apple release critical Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 updates

Apple has updated vulnerabilities in Java for Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 systems, some of which could allow an attacker to execute code outside of the secure Java sandbox. Vulnerabilities in Shockwave and Java are becoming an increasing security issue for businesses. Most administrators fail to update these patches outside of Windows updates. Java […]

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October 31, 2011

Hacking Data

Hacking Data 11/11

Latest News From IT Security World By Schuyler Dorsey, eLearnSecurity i ID Theft Protect As usual specialists from companies eLearn Security and ID Theft protect will share with us latest news from IT security world. Read it to up-date yourself. Secure Log Server With Rsyslog By Leonardo Neves Bernardo This article will discuss how to […]

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October 20, 2011

Flashback Trojan targets Apple Mac OS X Lion

A new variant of a nasty Apple Mac Trojan has been found in the wild. Picking up where its predecessor left off, the tweaked Trojan can disable the anti-virus software built into recent versions of Apple’s Mac OS X Lion. The Trojan, called “Flashback,” now rewrites the code that governs Apple’s XProtect anti-malware program, wiping out […]

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October 14, 2011

Apple fix 96 vulnerabilities in iOS 5 release

Apple has this week (12th October) released it’s latest mobile operating system called iOS 5. The new iOS 5 patches 96 vulnerabilities, including 69 security fixes for WebKit. The more notable security fixes included are; memory corruption issues that could lead to arbitrary code execution, cross-origin issues that could result in a cross-site scripting attack, […]

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October 7, 2011

Facebook scammers exploiting Steve Jobs death

Facebook scammers are exploiting the death of Apple chief Steve Jobs. A few hours after Steve Jobs’ death scammers were busy creating a Facebook page called “R.I.P.Steve Jobs” which contained a malicious URL and text claiming that 50 free iPads were being given away ‘in memory of Steve Jobs’. The page gained five new fans […]

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September 29, 2011

Apple updates OS X to block Mac Trojan

Apple has updated the Bare bone antivirus protection along with Mac OS X protection to detect the Trojan Virus, which poses as PDF documents. Apple has included the Xprotection feature in the Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7. The new updated security will identify the Trojan viruses, which are known as Revir A […]

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September 28, 2011


Apple OS X and iOS Hacking News

READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE This month’s article focuses on Apple technology hacking that has been identified thus far in 2011. Here you will find a compilation of some high profile media reports and research from the Web on the hacking of Apple technology. There are two sections – Mac OS X and iOS (iPad; iPod […]

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September 28, 2011

Hack Apple

Hack Apple 10/11

In Brief By Schuyler Dorsey, eLearnSecurity i ID Theft Protect As usual specialists from companies eLearn Security and ID Theft protect will share with us latest news from IT security world. Read it to up-date yourself. Hacking Tools on iOS By Alexandre Lacan One day I was asked if the iPhone is a good phone. […]

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