Stop Reacting, Start Preventing: The Impact of Legally Available Content on Piracy


Anti-Piracy and Content Protection strategies are as important as ever in the increasingly digitized world of media, entertainment, and creative content. Across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, 432 million internet users regularly pirate content and 24% of all internet bandwidth is consumed by unauthorized digital content. While great strides have been made, piracy remains the greatest threat to creative content and the challenges of fighting against it are ongoing.

The digital landscape on which these challenges are addressed continues to change, and pirates are constantly finding new ways to breach and distribute unauthorized material, forcing security strategies and enforcement measures to be as efficient as possible. Content providers must take serious action to not only react against copyright infringement but prevent theft in the first place.

The availability of authorized content through digital services and platforms is key to preventing piracy, but it is up to the content owners to make their materials available in order to disengage the convenience of piracy. IQPC’s 5th Annual Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit in Los Angeles this June 23rd-25th – one of the premier industry events – will facilitate high-level discussion between anti-piracy managers, content protection directors, legal counsel, and law enforcement officials who are taking up the fight against piracy to proactively prevent stolen content and enforce the consequences of digital theft.

For three days, you’ll engage in workshops, panel discussions and case study presentations to learn about topics including protecting your digital supply chain and cloud services, designing preventative online services, implementing platform distribution methods, highlighting digital rights management, starving rogue websites, addressing internal threats, taking down illegal streamers, building successful cases against perpetrators, and many other provocative topics – all intended to increase your knowledge by examining best practices and ensuring that you are properly armed to combat piracy.

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Our speakers include: - Chris Early, Vice President of Digital Publishing, Ubisoft

  • Greg Brown, Vice President & CTO, McAfee

  • Estrada Colon, Product Release & Security Services, Group Manager, Microsoft

  • Adam Sullivan, Sr. Director of Business & Legal Affairs, Square Enix

  • Vicki Solmon, SVP of Content Protection, Theatrical Distribution, Sony Pictures Enertainment

  • Jane Sunderland, Content Protection Strategy Consultant, Lionsgate -Chantal Restivo-Alessi, Chief Digital Officer, Harper Collins

  • And Many, Many Others…

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Join us at our 5th Annual Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit this June 23rd-25th in Los Angeles, CA. Register online at and mention code PIRACY_PRESS for a 20% discount off the standard price.

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May 6, 2014
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