StaffCop Standard – Monitoring, Corporate Security and Data Loss Preveniton Software


StaffCop Standard allows you to monitor all activities on company computers and prevent the unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information.

Main Features of StaffCop:

Screenshot recording

Application monitoring

E-mail correspondence monitoring

Web site monitoring

Chats/IM activity recording

USB device monitoring

Clipboard monitoring

Social Networks Monitoring

Search Term Tracking

File and Folder tracking

Keystroke recording

System Event Monitoring

Whitelists and Blacklists

PC activities reporting

Stealth mode installation and monitoring

Strong security

Alert notifications

Remote Install / Uninstall


Corporate information security has always been a top business priority. There is a growing need for solutions that provide the functionality to analyze employee activities during business hours, and protect the company's confidential information.

StaffCop software allows you to effectively prevent, detect, respond, monitor and review measures to reduce perceived risks of corporate data loss. IT professionals who use StaffCop can adequately monitor company resources for data breaches or prevent these breaches from occurring.

StaffCop will help you:

  • To locate possible data loss channels and prevent loss

  • To gain insight into how your employees spend their work time

  • To increase company and departmentals efficiency


You need StaffCop to:

  • Gather work time efficiency statistics

  • Easily control your employees in real-time mode

  • Improve discipline and motivation of your employees

March 14, 2012
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