SQL Essentials for Hackers [FREE COURSE VIDEO]

March 24, 2022

In this video from our Database Hacking course you can learn all the SQL essentials any hacker should know - data is usually the main objective of attackers, and databases are where you can find it, might as well know how it works! This won't make you a database admin - but this is the minimum you need to know. 

This course about database pentesting shows several ways to compromise a database in order to steal and modify data, or even put it out of order or destroy it. Hence, this course is going to cover several aspects of the most popular database systems such as Microsoft SQL server, Oracle Database, MySQL, PostgreSQL as a relational database and MongoDB as a NoSQL database.

You will learn about these database systems, their architecture, most common administration tasks, existing tools to use for every step in the pentest process and how to build your own tools.

What skills will you gain? 

  • Basic database admin skills
  • Testing for databases
  • SQL essentials
  • Pentesting a wide range of database solutions
  • Using a wide range of security tools
  • Database security
  • Creating your own security tools

Why this course? 

Databases are usually the core of every organization's IT infrastructure. Databases hold enterprise data and, therefore, in your security strategy, it’s key to maintain the security of databases.

Since in databases you can usually find the core data of most organizations, it is a must to know how to protect it from every kind of possible threat in order to maintain your business processes running and to guarantee its confidentiality. On the other hand, most of the data managed by databases concerns third party persons or companies so that we must ensure it is managed in such a way to be in compliance with regulatory rules defined for every kind of data.

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