SharpShell: The Worst Scripting Engine of All-Time by Ryan Cobb


In my last post I introduced SharpGen, a .NET Core console application that utilizes the Roslyn C# compiler to quickly cross-compile .NET Framework console applications and libraries. In this post I’ll introduce a very similar, but slightly different tool: SharpShell! To preface, I view SharpShell mostly as a fun proof-of-concept that demonstrates some C# tradecraft possibilities for future operational projects. I view SharpGen as a more operationally useful tool. SharpShell The idea of SharpShell is very similar to SharpGen, in that it uses the RoslynC# compiler to cross-compile .NET Framework assemblies. However, unlike SharpGen, SharpShell is designed to compile and execute the compiled assemblies in memory. SharpShell provides a rudimentary shell-like interface and acts as a very basic scripting engine. By very basic, I mean very basic. Every one-liner exists on it’s own, no variables are carried over between one-liners, and it has no tab-completion or any of the other nice features or....

March 25, 2019
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