Security of Privileged Access


Introduction Privileged access refers to the administrative access that allows an individual to access and control sensitive data, systems, and networks. This elevated access can be granted to employees, contractors, or third-party vendors, who require access to sensitive information or critical systems to perform their job functions. Privileged access can take different forms, including administrative access to servers, databases, and network devices, superuser privileges on operating systems, and elevated access to applications or databases. It is often necessary to grant privileged access to perform tasks such as system maintenance, application deployment, or security monitoring. However, because privileged access allows individuals to perform actions that could potentially harm the organization if misused, it is essential to control and monitor it carefully. It can pose significant security risks if not adequately managed. Organizations must, therefore, take appropriate measures to ensure the security of privileged access. In this article, we will explore the....

April 28, 2023


Opinder Singh
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