SD-WAN Security: A Beginner’s Guide (Infographic) by Paradyn


As the workforce trends towards becoming more mobile, many businesses are now choosing to operate many important business applications online across multiple clouds. The use of SD-WAN enables these businesses to easily deliver WAN services to their branch offices. 

SD-WAN Defined 

“Software-defined wide area networking”, or SD-WAN for short, applies the best aspects of software-defined networking (SDN) to traditionally hardware-based networking. SD-WAN’s overlay architecture is designed in such a way as to centralise and simplify network management in order to provide more flexibility to the network. 

So Why Are More & More Businesses Turning to SD-WAN?

SD-WAN technologies have become a hugely popular choice and the market is growing at a phenomenal rate, with its total value expected to exceed $1 billion within the next few years. One of its major benefits is that it can support numerous connection types such as LTE or MPLS. Many organisations are also drawn to its easy-to-use interface for managing WAN. 

What are the Security Benefits of SD-WAN? 

SD-WAN makes use of encryption in order to create more secure connections between every site in the network. These built-in encryption features ensure that only authorised users can access the network and its connected assets. 

Another big advantage is that an SD-WAN that has been designed with virtual overlays allows for the use of micro-segmentation outside of the data centre. Put simply, this means that traffic can be segmented in accordance with application characteristics and policies.

Furthermore, SD-WAN facilitates more granular control so that organisations can inform networks as to how certain traffic types should be dealt with. Consequently, organisations can ensure that there is less risk of unwanted or harmful traffic entering the network. 

Discover More About SD-WAN Security

If you would like to become more informed about how cloud encryption works, then you should certainly browse through the below infographic from Paradyn. This comprehensive guide offers a brief overview of SD-WAN and its security benefits. It includes some useful advice on how to roll out SD-WAN securely and also lists some key mistakes to avoid during deployment. 

Read the infographic below to find out more.

More at: Paradyn 

February 6, 2020


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