scan-for-webcams: Automatically scan for publicly accessible webcams around the internet



The program will output a list of links with the format of ip_address:port

If your terminal supports links, click the link and open it in your browser, otherwise, copy the link and open it in your browser.


  1. clone&cd into the repo:git clone;cd scan-for-webcams
  2. install requirements:pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. set up shodan:
    1. go to, register/login and grab your API key
    2. Set environ SHODAN_API_KEY as your API key:export "SHODAN_API_KEY"="<your api key>"
  4. set up clarifai:
    1. go to, register/log in, create an application and grab your API key
    2. set environ CLARIFAI_API_KEY as your API keyexport "CLARIFAI_API_KEY"="<your api key>"

And then you can run the program!



August 24, 2020


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