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Remote locate lock and wipe your Apple iOS iPhone

If you own an iPhone, it’s imperative that you consider how you might protect your device and the personal information you store on it in the event you lose or have your device stolen. There are now many apps that provide OTA backup, device tracking and device lock and wipe feature sets, which all do a good job of protecting your device and it’s data.

Anti-virus vendors have also been busy developing their mobile apps to include some of these feature sets. It’s worth noting that some mobile AV apps only provide the ‘remote’ lock and wipe features as a premium service. That said iOS (based on FreeBSD a hybrid of Linux) is a closed eco-system and having morphed from OS X is tightly managed using app provenance, app data isolation / encryption techniques and app permission controls – and this includes sandboxing (referred to as app data isolation). Read more…

February 7, 2012

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