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When writing code, choosing a tool that leads to better quality, efficiency, and fewer bugs is of great importance. Angular JS is a JavaScript framework that has started to fill this position. Some developers find it much more productive to use than using pure JavaScript. Here are 10 reasons why Angular JS is becoming more popular with many developers.

A User Interface That Is Illustrative

The declarative language HTML is considered to be intuitive and simple to use. It's much less complicated than trying to define the user interface in JavaScript. That's why HTML is used to define a user interface while web app development with Angular. HTML is simple to edit and reorganize compared to any type of interface that's been written in JavaScript. In addition, HTML provides certain attributes that can help determine the controllers that should be used for each element.  

Cuts Down On Writing More Code

A big advantage of Angular JS comes when you are developing web-based projects. Since the view is defined by using HTML, you don't create an MVC. This allows you to easily and quickly write data models without having to use any additional features. Also, by using data binding, your stop from putting any data into the view manually. This helps simplify the procedure. Since app code is different than directives, another team can work on those. This offers more flexibility and cuts down on writing code when developing web applications.

Flexible Filters

The filters have the job of filtering data before it reaches the view. They also add formatting decimal places on numbers. The filters idealize the functions that are kept separate from an app. They are designed to be separate from the app and act as stand-alone functions, which is similar to directives.

POJO Data Models

In Angular JS, the data models are just JavaScript objects (POJO). Setter and getter functions are not required. It gives you the ability to create cleaner code that's more intuitive. You can think of it like a "corkboard" that is used for temporary storage. A corkboard isn't in the area where you can retrieve and input data. The corkboards that Angular JS uses work close with view and the controllers. These are known as scopes. Any property that is found on a scope object is bound to the view automatically by Angular JS.

Unit Testing Readiness

The traditional way of testing web apps is usually by using individual test pages. This is another benefit of Angular JS as it's unit testing ready. Dependency Injection (DI) links the whole of Angular JS together. This is used to manage scopes and controllers. Since controllers depend on DI to transfer information, the unit tests on Angular have the ability to take the place of DI and inject mock data so that unit testing can be performed.

Directives Bring Additional Functionality

Directives have the ability to add more functionality to HTML. When using Angular JS, all DOM manipulation code is put into directives. You can create custom HTML elements, custom attributes as well as custom class names and utilize them just like regular HTML elements. They are designed to be used by themselves as reusable elements that are separate from the application. It's better to remember that your controller shouldn't directly manipulate the DOM. Manipulations should always be created by using the directives.

Angular JS Puts DOM Manipulations In The Right Place

When using Angular JS, the DOM manipulation code is inside the directives and out of the view. This is different than the traditional method where the DOM is modified by the view in order to present data. With Angular JS, the view is seen as an HTML page that has placeholders for data. By abstracting out jQuery calls and DOM manipulations, it removes those distractions so that user interface designers can focus on just the view. It makes it much easier to develop web apps when you don't have to worry about manipulating DOM.

Easy MVC Implementation

A number of frameworks ask you to implement MVC by dividing your application into different components. Then they want you to write code so that you can put them together again. The result is that you waste a lot of time doing this. Angular framework makes the process much easier. When you use the framework, you split your applications into different MVC elements. That's it! The framework does the rest of the work by managing the elements. As a developer, you don't have to worry about writing snippets of code to make the different components fit together.

Service Providers

Services are standalone objects that are separate from an app. They allow the controller to remain dedicated to the view and assigned scope. They provide supply and outward API that is used to expose what you'd like to have exposed. It is synced to a server most of the time so that it can maintain a data store that is offline. It exposes methods that allow you to pull and push data back and forth to a server. In addition, it can be used as a way to create a resource that shares service, which allows a number of multiple controllers to utilize the same resources.

Context Aware Communications

The PubSub system that's available in Angular JS allows you to send messages to every child controller. You can also use send messages to every ancestor by using emit (). This makes communications simple and efficient. It differs from most PubSub implementation that's available on the internet. Most of that is not context aware. This allows using a PubSub message that's accessible by children that are associated with a particular knob. However, there's also another way to communicate between controllers. Data binding gives other controllers a way to update their views at the same time they are changing properties.

Summing It Up

Angular JS is a tool that gives you the ability to cut down the time it takes you to develop intuitive, highly interactive web applications. With these 10 reasons, you can probably see why Angular JS is a tool that you'd like to have when developing software.

About the author: 

Victor Osadchiy is a creative writer who formerly worked in the Ed Tech industry. By day, he's a writer about app development for business. By night, he's an online gamer and a big fan of Esports. You can find more posts by Victor on the Yalantis blog.

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July 12, 2022
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Hasan Raza
Hasan Raza
3 years ago

I agree Angular JS really does make UI very illustrative with additional functionality, that the biggest reason due to which worlds top web development companies like GoodCore Software prefer Angular JS.

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