Reasons Web Developers Should Use AngularJS by Victor Osadchiy


When writing code, choosing a tool that leads to better quality, efficiency, and fewer bugs is of great importance. Angular JS is a JavaScript framework that has started to fill this position. Some developers find it much more productive to use than using pure JavaScript. Here are 10 reasons why Angular JS is becoming more popular with many developers. A User Interface That Is Illustrative The declarative language HTML is considered to be intuitive and simple to use. It's much less complicated than trying to define the user interface in JavaScript. That's why HTML is used to define a user interface while web app development with Angular. HTML is simple to edit and reorganize compared to any type of interface that's been written in JavaScript. In addition, HTML provides certain attributes that can help determine the controllers that should be used for each element.   Cuts Down On Writing More....

July 12, 2022
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3 months ago

This article provides valuable insights into why web developers should consider using AngularJS for their projects. It highlights key features such as an illustrative user interface, reduced code writing, flexible filters, POJO data models, unit testing readiness, directives, DOM manipulation, MVC implementation ease, service providers, and context-aware communications.

Hasan Raza
Hasan Raza
4 years ago

I agree Angular JS really does make UI very illustrative with additional functionality, that the biggest reason due to which worlds top web development companies like GoodCore Software prefer Angular JS.

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