R3con1z3r is a lightweight web information gathering tool with an intuitive features written in python


R3con1z3r is a lightweight web information gathering tool with an intuitive features written in python. It provides a powerful environment in which open source intelligence (OSINT) web-based footprinting can be conducted quickly and thoroughly.

Footprinting is the first phase of ethical hacking, its the collection of every possible information regarding the target. R3con1z3r is a passive reconnaissance tool with built-in functionalities which includes: HTTP header flag, Traceroute, Whois Footprinting, DNS information, Site on same server, Nmap port scanner, Reverse Target and hyperlinks on a webpage. The tool, after being provided with necessary inputs generates an output in HTML format.


r3con1z3r supports Python 2 and Python 3.

# install from pypi   
pip install r3con1z3r


r3con1z3r depends only on the sys and the requests python modules. For the extra coloring to work on windows, win_unicode_console and colorama have to be installed

For Coloring on Windows: pip install win_unicode_console colorama


r3con1z3r installs a command line tool on system path that can be interacted with by using

# `domain.com` is the website to perform footprinting on    
r3con1z3r -d domain.com

Using this tool generates a html named as domain.com-r3con1z3r.html which can be opened on a browser to view the footprinting results


Simple usage of r3con1z3r CLI to perform OSINT footprinting on google.com


  • To install on all Operating Systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Android e.t.c) i.e Python 2 environment from within the cloned repo:

pip install r3con1z3r

python3 environment:

pip3 install r3con1z3r


  • Include travis setup for automatic testing
  • Include automatic deployment of incremented versions to pypi so that pip install r3con1z3r can work


r3con1z3r is licensed under the GNU GPL license. take a look at the LICENSE for more information.


This project is open to contributions, Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/abdulgaphy/r3con1z3r. Current contributors can be viewed by running r3con1z3r -a


1.0 - Release

Download the tool: https://github.com/abdulgaphy/r3con1z3r

October 10, 2019


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