pythem - Penetration Testing Framework

July 7, 2020

pythem is a multi-purpose pentest framework written in Python. It has been developed to be used by security researchers and security professionals. The tool intended to be used only for acts within the law. I am not liable for any undue and unlawful act practiced by this tool, for more information, read the license.



Linux Installation

Dependencies Installation

NOTE: Tested only with Debian-based distros, feel free to try the dependencies installation with yum or zypper if you use Redhat-like or SUSE-like.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential python-dev python-pip tcpdump python-capstone \
libnetfilter-queue-dev libffi-dev libssl-dev


  • With pip:
sudo pip install pythem
  • With source:
git clone
cd pythem
sudo python install
  • With source and pip:
git clone
cd pythem
sudo python sdist
sudo pip install dist/*


  • Call on a terminal (requires root privileges):
$ sudo pythem

Running as a Docker container

  • Requires Docker
docker run -it --net=host --rm --name pythem m4n3dw0lf/pythem




Commands Reference



Network, Man-in-the-middle and Denial of service (DOS)

Exploit Development and Reverse Engineering

Brute Force




Main page:

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