Protecting IoT With EDR Cyber Security by Gilad David Maayan


Internet of Things (IoT) technology covers a wide range of systems and devices, starting with consumer IoT like smart TVs, and commercial IoT like smart health systems and pacemakers. IoT can also be found in industrial environments such as factories, where it is used for predictive maintenance and evaluating industrial big data.  Smart cities rely on IoT for city-wide connectivity and communication, as smart sensors are put to work monitoring networking, utility, transport, and energy systems. In the military, IoT technologies are made into weapons used for reconnaissance and biometric combat.  There are currently 30.73 billion IoT devices installed worldwide, and the numbers should reach 75.44 billion by 2025. That makes IoT security a crucial aspect of the continual health of all systems, networks, and devices connected and installed throughout the world.  This article explains current IoT security challenges, and proposes solving these issues through the application of EDR security....

February 25, 2020
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4 years ago

Good article. Protecting a contemporary business network is a hard task. A contemporary business network connects remote devices like smartphones, laptops, notebooks, tablets, or other wireless devices through different environments: on-premises, cloud, or hybrid. The mobile devices contain valuable information that should be protected. A lost or stolen phone could turn into a critical security breach. These devices are commonly positioned outside of the firewalls, on the edge of the network, and are called endpoints. The endpoint protection software is installed on all network servers and all endpoint devices. The servers manage the analysis and response, and the clients (endpoints)… Read more »

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