Web Application Hacking Techniques (W5)


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Welcome to the web application hacking techniques workshop, in this module we will discuss why it is important to learn web application hacking techniques and what happens if organizations leave the web applications vulnerable. We will also go across and understand the web application workflows and the different attack vectors for hacking web applications. Workshop will also demonstrate the actual hacking into web applications and highlights the top vulnerabilities that exists in web applications.

Highlights of what is inside:

    • Advanced Knowledge of Structured Query Language

    • Importance of web applications security and how to break them

    • Learn the techniques to discover vulnerabilities in the Web based applications

    • SQL injections from Basic to Advanced Level

    • Top vulnerabilities of Web Applications

    • Step by step approach to hack into any web application which is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks


    • Knowledge of TCP/IP protocols

    • Sound knowledge of HTML

    • Basic knowledge on how Web Applications works

    • Prior hands-on experience with basic vulnerabilities of Web Applications

    • General concepts in any computer programming language


Module 1 

    • Why it is important to learn Web Hacking?

        • The Trend

        • Existence of Web Applications

        • What happens if you don’t secure your Web Applications?

        • Web Hacking Incident Database (WHID) Stats

        • Web Hacking Facts & Figures

        • The causes of data breaches

Module 2 

    • Understand the web Application Workflow

        • Types of Web Applications

        • Advantages and disadvantages of using Web Applications

        • Web Application Architecture

        • Security Tips from Microsoft Library

        • Typical Deployment Structure of the Web Applications

Module 3 

    • Different Attack Vectors for Hacking Web Applications

        • Types of Web Application Attacks

        • High Risk Vulnerabilities

        • Example & SQL Injections Exploitation

Module 4

    • Hacking into Web Applications

        • Virtual Lab Setup

        • Hacking into Web Applications

        • Using SQL Injection Techniques

        • Command Execution Attack Vectors

Module 5 

    • Top ten Vulnerabilities of Web Applications

        • Top 10 OWASP Vulnerabilities

        • SQLi Extract Data

        •  SQLi Bypass Authentication

        • Command Injection DNS Lookup

        • Cross-Site Scripting visa Input (GET/POST) DNS Lookup

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